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Scratch is an easy, fun, totally addictive, free visual programming tool created at MIT. By snapping a few colorful blocks together, anyone can create games, animations, simulations, and virtual worlds, and share them with Scratch's friendly worldwide online community. And when we say anyone, we mean anyone. Scratch is great for kids, parents, grandparents--whoever wants to try! It can be used to make projects both simple and extremely complex. Highly recommended.








Codeacademy is Google's response to society's programmer shortage. It's an easy, interactive way to learn text-based programming languages (where you type in a window to "talk to" the computer). In a series of mini-lessons, you can master a language like Python, Ruby, HTML, or JavaScript. Along the way, you'll build cool projects using what you've learned. Codeacademy is great for people who have already learned a visual language like Scratch, but you can start as an absolute beginner too!


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